" Saviour Soul" is going to appear on the upcoming album release that is
currently in production. The remastered release of "Moments",
GMA/Covenant Award nominated 'Pop Album Of The Year', can be found
at the BandCamp link below for simultaneous physical CD and instant
newly remastered download.

Thanks for stopping by. Remember Jesus is not a fraud, though so many
times those that claim his name are. He's worth looking into.

~ Richard free smart phone app qr code download free bonus features
rare tracks

who is richard cummins?Good question! This past decade has seen me as a
recognized Indie Pop/Rock Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist,
Producer, and Performer.
I am also a progressive yet melodic acoustic guitar looper, and have
official releases in both the pop vocal and avant garde genres.

I currently reside in the Mission, BC Canada area, and though I'm
Canadian, I have lived extensively in the US, and even overseas in places like the
Philippines and Thailand, among other exotic travels. I am in my 30's.

I have played a Hofner bass since I was 15, Rickenbacker 330 since I was 17,
and would call a Taylor my acoustic of choice, especially for looping - though I own
and have owned many, many others. I am a drummer, usually good enough to
serve my own purposes, though I have been known to drum for others.

I have a Recording Studio where I Produce, Mix, Master, and play Multiple
Instruments as a Session Player. Lately I have been preferring mixing your already
recorded tracks, or mastering your project. We can talk if you need something.
CONTACT: richard@richardcummins.com All Content Copyright 2004-2014 Electro-Tone Records,NectarineHorse Productions  
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